Tuning into Music

There's nothing like hearing that song on the radio that sums up your life perfectly.  We tend to search for music that validates our emotions at that moment. When we are going through a rough break up or a bad day at school, we could turn the angsty music on blast and it syncs with our soul.  However, music keeps us at a certain state.   After a while, what purpose can music serve? Can we use music to move us forward towards a different way of feeling?


I challenge you to skip the sad songs and try listening to something that is the opposite of how you feel.  Perhaps you can play an upbeat dance song and see if that can lift your spirits.  Putting a sad song on repeat turns your mind into a sad broken record.

Get a theme song that pumps you up.  Having your own ballad could be a source of empowerment.  It could be the song you wake up to in the morning that gets you going or the song you put on repeat when you are looking for some inspiration.  Lyrics are also very powerful and its important to pay attention to the words to make sure they are hopeful.

Dance.  Dance and getting your body moving to music is a great way to spend stressful energy.  Or better yet, pick a goofy song and learn a dance routine with your best friend. Dance in your bedroom if you are embarrassed to do it in public.  Or dance in public! 

Try listening to different types of music.  Pay attention to the music you listen to and how it affects your mood and physical state. You might notice certain genres or artists get your heart racing and others slow it down.  Remember that the music that you keep in the backdrop of your life have a powerful affect on your emotions and thoughts.