Art: April is NAPOWRIMO!

You may notice your Facebook feed being bombarded by poetry in April.  NAPOWRIMO is National Poetry Writing Month and occurs every April every year when poets around the world challenge themselves to writing a new poem every day for 30 days.  The idea behind this project is not to produce a perfect piece but to put yourself out there and write something.  Some people publish it to their social media regardless of how edited it is, to start another the following day.  Poetry is a powerful outlet for creativity and expressing emotion.  I see it as a written piece of art.  The words are carefully selected and placed in layout of words that induces an emotion in the reader.  Poetry has a way of capturing our inner experiences.  For the poet, we are sifting through feelings and memories, organizing it into one beautiful creation to release.


Years ago, in my training, I wrote this poem during an Occupational Therapy group on the Inpatient Adolescent Psychiatric unit:

It's summertime,

The sun feels like an incubator

And I am a bird waiting to be born

It makes no sense to be in such a place.

Waiting in fear of bright rays that could hurt my eyes

But I have no where to go.

In the confines of this translucent shell

I'm waiting in this darkness 

Until my world cracks

Then the light comes in.