My psychiatric office is an out-of-network small private practice, similar to the way psychiatry was practiced before managed care when the treatment was solely between a patient and the doctor.  It transcends stereotypes of psychiatrists being pill-pushers to practicing holistic care that fosters the individual's self discovery to achieve a meaningful life that is worth living.  As a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, I am trained through the lens of a developmental perspective and understand the major transitions in the life of an individual and how that can affect a family. I see adults and children in my practice and apply knowledge of development in every case.  As an Osteopath, I am a licensed medical doctor with an understanding of pathology and promote wellness by correcting imbalances in a person's natural defense system.  I believe in providing ethical and compassionate care through evidence based psychotherapy and medication management.   Using a systems-based model of treatment, I work with caregivers and collaborate with therapists, medical providers and teachers.  


In 2015, I had the pleasure of working with the Art of Psychiatric Medicine, a committee of the Southern California Psychiatric Association to produce a documentary of psychiatrists in the Los Angeles area.  My participation in it stemmed from a desire to share our story to battle the stigmas society has about psychiatrists and those seeking mental health.  We had six psychiatrists interview 12 psychiatrists at different sectors and times in their career.  Although these individuals come from different backgrounds, their similarities will inspire and hopefully dismantle some beliefs people have about the field.  It was not only fun but instilled a sense of community for a group of professionals that may feel isolated in the work that they do.